Helpless Dog Is Chained To A Wall For Years Until Freed By Kindhearted Rescuer

Viktor Larkhill gets a call that they need his team to do an urgent rescue. When they arrive on the scene, they find a beautiful Fox Terrier, who has been chained to a wall for years. Her ‘family,’ left her there with no one to care for her, and they didn’t even have the heart to name the poor thing. Instead, they left her chained in a yard full of machines and automobile parts.

Maria, as she is later named at the hospital, is in rough shape. Her hair is matted, her eyes are sad, and she has an enormous mass on her rear that hurts if we touch it. She cries and moans and is just desperate for love and affection.

It is a heartbreaking scene, but I can’t help but think how broken this dog must be. Yet, when the rescuers pet her, she wags her tail. This poor abandoned dog still wags her tail at the sight of people. They unchain her from the wall and take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, they shave a spot on her leg to draw blood from. Then they shave some more off her belly so they can perform an ultrasound. Her condition is serious and she will need surgery to remove the mass.