Here’s A Compilation Of Kittens Sleeping In Mommy or Daddy’s Hand. I Dare You Not To Melt.

There’s just something about sleeping animals that are so peaceful to watch. They are just shut off from the world and they show themselves in their natural state. I love it when my cats fall asleep near me. They look so cute and I forget that they threw up a hairball about 10 minutes ago. As cute as my cats are, there’s nothing that can beat this video that’s shown here. Nothing. I’ll take on all challengers.

This is a simple video to explain: There are all kinds of kittens being held in the palm of their mommy or daddy’s hand. Very rarely are they held in both hands. They are that small and so cute. The kittens are on cloud 9 when they do this. Remember the term “Sleeping Like a Baby?” I’d like to amend that to “Sleeping Like a Kitten.” They are so blissfully asleep here. O was mesmerized the whole time.

There are just so many of them. I wanted to reach in and tickle every one of their bellies. They are adorable. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Every time I thought I had seen the cutest one ever, then another video would come on and steal its place. I vote them all 1A. They all tie for first place. That’s what I’m picking and I’m sticking with it. There’s not one bad one in that whole bunch of videos.

Watching these videos did make me just a bit sad. I looked over at my two cats, both of whom my wife and I got at an older age. I wonder what it would have been like to hold them in the palm of my hand when they were a kitten. Then I reminded myself that I avoided such things like litterbox training and also having them need attention 24/7, especially with their weaker immune systems. I’ll take what I have now, thank you very much…

What did you think was the cutest kitten here? Can you even pick one? We’d love to hear your best attempt.

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