Heroes Rescue Sick Stray Maltese Suffering In 100-Degree Heat

Hope For Paws recently received a call about a severely matted Maltese living on the streets of Los Angeles, except at the time of the call, no one could tell she was a Maltese. The dog, now known as Violet, sought shelter underneath cars as refuge from the 100-degree heat.

When Eldad and Lisa arrived at the scene, they found little Violet in terrible shape and horribly ill. Her fur was matted and infested with fleas and ticks. She was anemic, starved and she had to endure the scalding temperatures. The second they usher Violet into their car, however, she’s on her way to a brand new life. After receiving her first grooming in what could be forever, the color of her coat goes from dirty brown to a beautiful white, and long gone are the strands of matted fur that hang from her face.

After her rescue, they continued on to the hospital where she finally received medical care. After she spends a month recovering with her foster family, she’ll be ready to find her forever home!

In the video you can see Violet so happy and healthy. She smiles, she plays, and she accepts love wholeheartedly. What a beautiful transformation made possible by Hope For Paws.

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