Hilarious Johnny Carson skit features brilliant Betty White

In this classic Tonight Show sketch, Johnny Carson and Betty White had a wet and wild time as a couple trying to enjoy a romantic date at a seaside restaurant.

Betty White and Johnny Carson are two of the biggest and most beloved icons in the history of comedy, and they showcased their incredible talent with this classic Tonight Show sketch.

Having a bit of fun with the Malibu weather, Carson and White play a couple looking to enjoy a beautiful date night at a lovely oceanfront restaurant.

Of course, they were not expecting the weather-related problems, including ocean spray blasting through the open window, and soaking them both.

The hijinks became bigger and more ridiculous, until finally White and Carson were practically swimming in the restaurant while a giant squid stalked them.

It was a hilarious sketch for two comedic legends at the top of their game, and they were both good sports for taking part in this incredible skit.

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Hilarious Johnny Carson skit features brilliant Betty White