5 Men Perform Classic Hit Leaving Everyone In Chills With Their Incredible Voices

Home FreeRecorded in an empty church, the popular group, Home Free, delivers a spine-tingling rendition of the classic Christmas carol, “Angels We Have Heard On High.”

The church setting sets the ambiance, and the acoustics of the building proves to be superb. The incredible harmonies of the five voices are showcased superbly, without the benefit of digital editing or instrumentals.

Angels We Have Heard On High

When the group started out in the early 2000s, it was just the two brothers Adam and Chris Rupp. Home Free was completed with the addition of three more skilled vocalists, and they were soon noticed.

Before they knew it, the band was touring the US and performing in front of huge, adoring crowds…

The band competed on the hit talent show, “Sing-Off,” and they won first place! Now a household name, their success can be attributed to their unique sound, a blend of modern country music with elements from other music genres. With their increasing popularity, it is clear that fans and audiences have enthusiastically resonated with the band’s unique identity.

In this music video, Home Free celebrate the coming of Christmas with the much-loved carol, “Angels We Have Heard On High,” to deliver their message of Christmas cheer to everyone this holiday season.

This was an angelically beautiful rendition. The harmonies are awesome. And those deep notes? Sublime.