A homeless Pit Bull and her puppies get rescued – but Mama is trying to tell them something!

Mothers can tell when something is wrong with their kids, even when the kids are saying everything’s okay. I remember being younger and trying to hide things from my mother only to find out that she knew exactly what had happened. I always thought, “how does she do it?” I even asked her once and she just told me, “when you have your own kids, you’ll know.”

My mother used to pick me up from school when I was in elementary school. She didn’t trust the school bus and wanted to make sure that I would be home on time. One day, I decided that I was tired of being picked up. I wanted to feel older like some guys that I saw who went home by themselves. I think they were in 5th grade or something.

The problem was that I didn’t tell my mother I would be doing that. I just left school and started walking home. My home was very far from my school, probably around 20 miles. I used to take long walks with my dad and run 100m at school but walking 20 miles was something else. I gave it a shot and started walking. My mother, on the other hand, had gone to pick me up and didn’t find me.

She started looking for me with my older brother who was in 6th grade. She asked some of my friends and one of them told her that I had decided to go home walking that day. He was one of only two people I had told that day of my plans. She went driving on the only street that I could have taken because it was the one who took you to my neighborhood.

By the time my mother caught up to me, I had walked about 10 miles, which was something. The thing is, I was not even tired. My mother told me that she was going to tell my father and I got very scared that I would be punished. She ended up not telling him until several days after. I learned my lesson that day and I was surprised when my mother told me that she had a feeling that morning that something bad was going to happen. I guess it was her sixth sense trying to tell her something.

Human mothers are not the only ones that will get worried about their offspring. The mother of some Pit Bulls who was rescued had a feeling something was wrong. As soon as they were rescued she did everything to alert the rescuers that they needed to do something else. What do you think it was? Click on the video to find out!