Homeless veterans received hope with the tiny house’s campaign.

It is hard living on the streets; just thinking about it makes you say grace for every plate of food on your table and the roof you have over your head. There’s always a different reason why people end up in such a precarious circumstance; sometimes, their life gets messed for having a drug addiction, financial problems, or other personal issues. Believe it or not, a significant part of this homeless population did military service in the past with the United States Army.

They are the war veterans; people who fought in several military conflicts to defend the ideals of freedom and justice around the globe, despite all the risky situations they went through they managed to survive. After these hard experiences, people usually have a lot of troubles to readjust when they are back into society, in some cases, they suffered the loss of a limb that prevents them from having a normal life again. Still, the physical damage is not the real issue; they have more significant problems with the post-traumatic stress symptoms caused by shocking or dangerous events during their tour of other countries.

Numerous charity foundations organize frequent events to help veterans through this rough situation, but it seems that their efforts are still not enough to solve the entire problem. Fortunately for them, a group of Kansas City veterans joined forces to help the veterans for all the hard efforts they have made over the years. They launched The Veterans Community Project, which is a non-profit organization to eliminate veteran homelessness by providing them transitional-housing for free.

The initial idea was creating 30 tiny houses disperses on an area of four acres, almost like a small village, they started in this city first. Still, they aspire to use it as the primary foundation for other similar projects across the United States. We don’t need to say how important this is for all the North American heroes; they served a life of combat away from their family, apart from their homes, and they did it probably under the worst scenario possible.

Everybody owes them a lot of gratitude, one veteran without a home is way too many, and they deserve better at the moment of coming back home. The miniature houses will have free services and food for them so that they can be relieved with these practical shelters.

For more details about this fantastic project can visit https://www.veteranscommunityproject.org for more information.

For more details about this fantastic project can visit https://www.veteranscommunityproject.org for more information.