Honest boy ‘Caught in Providence’ helps his father’s case with Judge Frank Caprio

Judge Frank Caprio

On a recent case from ‘Caught in Providence’ Judge Frank Caprio interviews a sincere young witness. Judge Frank is reviewing the case of a man who was caught doing 35 mph in a 25 mph zone.

The man states that he just received his U.S. license 6 months ago. Judge Frank says, ‘Oh, you celebrated by speeding?’ He tells the judge that he didn’t see a posted speed limit sign on the street where he was caught. Judge Frank isn’t falling for it!

He asks the man if he studied the Rhode Island driver’s manual. Judge Frank tells him the manual instructs drivers to do 25 mph in areas where the speed limit isn’t posted. The defendant points out his wife and children. Judge Frank looks around, saying, ‘Where are they, where are they?’

Judge Frank Caprio

The judge wants them all to come up to the front! The defendant’s wife gets on the microphone and tells the judge she was in the car with her husband, along with their two kids. Judge Frank quips, ‘Oh, now endangerment of a child as well.’

Judge Frank points to their son, who appears to be 5-years-old, and asks, ‘Whose this little guy?’ He asks the little boy to approach the bench. Judge Frank tells the little boy, ‘We’re talking about your father. Now you’re going to say guilty or not guilty?! Now, what do you say?’ The boy exclaims ‘Guilty,’ and the courtroom busts out in laughter, along with his family. Judge Frank says, ‘An honest boy!’ He shakes the little boy’s hand.

The judge points to the defendant, saying, ‘It’s official, you are guilty!’ The father says, ‘He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.’ The courtroom laughs again. Judge Frank tells the father that he will give him credit for his previously good driving record in Africa.

He admonishes him to be safe on the streets, and he tells the father, ‘You have a very honest young man as well.’ Perhaps honesty is the best policy, as this child’s adorable response helped his father in the courtroom!

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Honest boy \'Caught in Providence\' helps his father\'s case with Judge Frank Caprio