Horse Mornings Made Sweeter by Affectionate and Goofy Cow

Cows and horses are known to be great friends. They graze together in pastures, share the same barns, and sometimes even sleep next to each other. But at Delmar Farm, a mini-cow named Winston takes this friendship to the next level.

Winston loves to give kisses to horses, especially in the morning. He doesn’t discriminate between horses or other farm animals and is not afraid to show his affection. Most horses seem to enjoy his kisses, but Trigger is not a fan. Despite this, Winston continues to try and win Trigger over.

Winston’s determination to kiss every horse he sees is funny and heartwarming. He was a bottle-fed calf who didn’t have a herd to learn from, but the other animals on the farm accepted him with open arms. Winston, in turn, wants to show his gratitude by giving morning kisses to his farm friends.

Claudia, the human who takes care of the animals at Delmar Farm, finds Winston’s persistence endearing. She says that Winston and Trigger have a unique dynamic, and she’s never seen anything like it. Winston won’t give up on Trigger, even though he doesn’t like the kisses.

It’s easy to imagine Winston as a little dog, jumping up to give kisses to his human friends. But the fact that he’s a cow makes it all the more special. Cows are often thought of as slow and docile creatures, but Winston proves they can also be affectionate and determined.

Winston trying to kiss Trigger is like onlookers watching a romantic comedy. Winston is lovable, and Trigger is the tough nut to crack. No one knows if Winston will finally win Trigger over with persistence and charm. However, it’s hard not to root for him.

Winston’s story serves as a reminder that the people we encounter in life can possess diverse personalities and emotions, much like ourselves. Therefore, it’s crucial to treat them with kindness and respect, appreciating their individuality. Hope everyone can be a little more like Winston, spreading love and joy wherever they go.

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Horse Mornings Made Sweeter by Affectionate and Goofy Cow