These Horses Prove that Friendships Can Last Forever

Even though horses are recognized and appreciated for their unbelievable strength and elegant figure, we seldom recognize their memory power. There are many reunion videos of other animals on the internet, but I have never found a horse reunion video before. This reunion of three horses after long years of separation will definitely leave you in tears.

Arthur is a racehorse who grew up with his two buddies, William and Harry. Even though they spent their ‘foal-hood’ together, Arthur was eventually bought by another individual and had to part from his friends.


After a gap of four and a half years, Arthur came back to visit his best buddies. Will they be able to recognize Arthur? How will they react when they see him?

If you like horses, then this video is a sure treat to your eyes and heart. I found it simply enchanting that these horses all remembered each other and how they acknowledged one another.

These Horses Prove that Friendships Can Last Forever