This Horse Sees His Human Friend Dance, And His Next Move Left Me Laughing Out Loud

Horses are known for each having their own unique personalities. They might seem like simple creatures to people who have never really been in contact with them, but in reality, their personalities can be very complex. While some of them dearly enjoy getting groomed, others absolutely hate it and prefer to look as wild as possible, all the time, rather than deal with the grooming rituals. Some are very easygoing when it comes to human interaction, while others simply are not and would rather be left alone or with other horses. They are almost like humans in many ways you could never imagined.

As you probably have seen already in other videos we’ve shown you, animals can love music just as much as humans do, and horses can give us one of the most majestic demonstrations of this. When you see how the horse in this video reacts to the music, you’re going to wish you had one of them at home. We often don’t think of horses as being interested in music or other “human” things, but they have a creative side to them that we as humans often forget about.

The horse has a very adorable personality, and when you combine it with his absolute love of music, you’re going to see he has the full package. His human friend started playing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor on his phone, and the horse reacts in the most amazing way possible!

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