This Horse Was Struggling For Her Life. Watch What This Man Does For Her, Heart Touching!

Horses are pretty strong and bold creatures but sometimes these elegant creatures are bound to go through heart wrenching traumatic conditions. The horse featured in this video had to go through a dramatic rescue after she accidently got stuck inside a garage floor.

According to the owner, this is the most dramatic situation he’s ever faced in his 13 years of farming. One of his horses broke through a fence and into his garage where he repaired his cars. She accidentally fell through the wooden boards on the floor and got trapped in a small space below the ground.

The space below the ground is very small and barely gave the horse some free space. Because of this, it became very hard to make the rescue. Even though it was kind of an impossible situation, there was no running from it. The owner called firefighters and a veterinarian the next day to help him with the rescue. Finally, at the very end these men were able to pull the horse out of the hole safely.

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