This Huge Horse Approaches A Young Boy In A Wheelchair, And You Won’t Believe What The Horse Does…

Every once in a while, after a long and difficult day, nothing cheers us up more than seeing a story with a happy ending. One of my favorite ways to end the day is to watch videos that help me renew my faith in humanity by seeing how they interact with animals, especially horses. There’s just something about this majestic creature that makes me love them and respect them like no other animal.

It never ceases to amaze me when I observe the bond between children and animals, and it fills my heart with warm fuzzy feelings when I see them not only enjoying each other, but supporting and helping each other. The bond between humans and animals also means we can learn from these amazing creatures and improve a child’s life. While this bond is common between children and dogs, we don’t often see this bond between a child and a horse. That’s why I’m glad this video was created. It’s just one more example of how horses can be used as therapy animals, even if they’re not trained.

It doesn’t matter if the companion animal is trained for therapy, as a service animal for a special purpose, or just as a pet and an additional member of the family. The effect that they can have on a little child’s life is amazing and had endless possibilities to make the child’s life better. The little boy featured in the video below is named Xavier, and you’ll see how his relationship with his horse, Savance, has changed his life.

Check out this touching and compelling animal friendship in this video!

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