Husband finds out his wife is pregnant before her and lets her know in an epic way!

Finding out that you’re going to be a parent is one of the most exciting things in life. For many people, letting their significant-other know must also be a fun experience. They put a lot of thought and find the most ingenious and creative ways to do it. One mother got the information when she went for her checkup. She then had an ultrasound and got the ultrasound pictures.

She and her husband were supposed to get some bills mailed to them, which they needed to take care of. The mother got the bills by mail and opened one of the envelopes. She took the papers out and carefully put the ultrasound picture into the empty envelope. She then stamped the envelope with an “urgent” sign. She took the mail where her husband was, and soon enough, he started checking each piece of mail.

The envelope his wife had picked was the one for their mortgage payment. He opened it quickly as soon as he saw the “urgent” stamp on it and called his wife to let her know. When his wife arrived, she was holding a cell phone and recording the whole thing. He then asked her what was going on and why she was recording. His wife asked him why he had called her and what the envelope said. When he opened it, he looked inside and pulled out the ultrasound pictures. His eyes opened real wide and after asking his wife if it was for real, he hugged her.

Another creative way that people have used is the ‘buns-in-the-oven’ tactic. What they do is, the mother puts some buns in the oven and asks the other person to take out something from the oven while she is filming them. When they are taking out the buns, she asks them what they are. They answer, ‘buns in the oven’ and that’s the cue for the announcement. The people don’t get it the first time, but it’s still funny to see their faces when they do.

One way that parents have been using to let their children know they will be having a new baby in the home, is the box with balloons. The parents fill an ordinary box with colored balloons. The color depends on the gender of the baby. If it’ll be a boy, the parents put blue balloons in. If it’s a girl, then the color is pink. Then the children are told to open the box and find out the gender for themselves. Sometimes one of the children wanted the other gender and is a little disappointed. But it’s always fun to watch.

Well, the next video is very unusual because of how it happens. It turns out, the father finds out about the baby before his wife does. He had undergone a vasectomy but had not gone to pick up his results for his 5-month checkup. He decides to go pick them up, and is told by the doctor that he might still be capable of getting his wife pregnant. This all makes more sense when he notices his wife is acting a little ‘pregnant’. Once he puts all the pieces together, he does a pregnancy test to his wife without her knowing. This is how he did it!