I Was Worried When I Saw This Newborn Panda In A Cage. The Truth Was Very Surprising!

Pandas are incredibly adorable. Every year they bring millions of people to see them in zoos all over the world. But unfortunately pandas are not well suited to giving birth and raising babies. They have real difficulty conceiving and nurturing baby pandas. For this reason the zookeepers step in to increase the chances that a baby panda will survive.

Baby pandas are really tiny in comparison to their mother’s size, approximately 1/900th the weight of their mother. This is very small when compared with similar mammals. The tiny babies are born pink with very little fur. It takes a while for them to gain the black and white colour.

At this zoo in Taipei, Taiwan, when this little baby was born the zookeepers kept the baby panda isolated to ensure its safety. After a couple of weeks apart the cub has gained its strength and so Momma and cub reunited so they can be together.

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