Idaho Man Comes Home To Find A Few Bears Having A Party In His Home!

Idaho man, Doug Harder got a bit of a surprise when he came home from vacation. In classic form, while Doug was away, a few bears broke into his condo and had a small get together.

When he left the sliding door cracked open eight inches, a few bears got in, ate all of his food and relieved themselves on his carpet. Besides the little party, they did very little damage.

They drank a few dozen cans of Pepsi and ate all of his Toblerone. Sounds like something the kids do when mom and dad are away for the weekend!

A few days later the bears came back, when one poked his head through the cat’s door he snapped a photograph. The bears sound like a nuisance, but also very adorable.

While physically engaging with a black bear is dangerous, the creatures are inherently afraid of humans.

They certainly do love our food but beyond that they want no trouble with our kind. Making loud noises and standing your ground will signal to the black bear that it’s time to go and in most cases they do.

It’s no surprise these guys waited for Doug to leave before they raided the fridge. They didn’t even harm the cat; they really just wanted a little vacation for themselves.

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