Identical Twin Sisters Notice Each Other For The FIRST Time. How They React? SO Precious!

I have seen a lot of cute things on the internet, but nothing comes close to babies! They are truly something else, aren’t they? The video below features a set of three month old twin sisters who are noticing and interacting with each other for the very first time. Thankfully their mom was nearby to capture this precious moment on camera!

These identical twin sisters have lately been taking the internet by storm with their cuteness. Wait till you see how they react when they spot each other. And watching them delve into a “deep conversation” was really heart-melting! Their fascination and excitement towards one another is pretty evident in their interaction!

If these two little girls were dressed alike, they would be truly identical! They look exactly alike and are so cute. They have discovered each other and one of them is just talking up a storm. She touches her sister’s face like she’s wondering why this person looks just like her. She puts her fingers in her sister’s mouth and is really exploring her face with her hand.

It is common knowledge that twins share a special bond and can often communicate with each other in ways that non-twin siblings cannot. It appears these two definitely share that bond. Fortunately for us, mom decided to film their discovery of each other and share it with us.

Watch these adorable twins in the video below! Did these twins just melt your heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!