After Being Ignored For Too Long, This Savannah Cat Surprises His Owner From Behind!

We think that we’ve seen every kind of pet that a person can (responsibly) have. There are countless dog and cat breeds that have come to be thanks to the companionship that they offer to people. But even know, there are amazing pets that you’ve surely never seen before, and the clip below features one very special example of that! The name of the curious cat in the video is Vashi, and he’s a special breed called Savannah cats, that happens when a house cat is crossed bred with an African serval, resulting in a slightly bigger cat that has the personality and playfulness of a dog. It’s nothing short of amazing!

We can see Vashi’s dad trying to set up a TV on top of some furniture in his bedroom, and when the cat realizes that he’s not the center of attention, he decides to take some action into it right away. Even though he’s harmless and playful like a doggy, he still has the sneakiness and sly of a good ol’ feline, so he prepares a sneak attack with a pounce that is as wild as it is adorable.

You can’t miss this exotic cat and his funny antics, he’s in the video right below!

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