Impatient pooch tires of waiting, not so subtly lets owner know who’s in-charge

Have you ever gotten bored at a shopping mall? Maybe you are waiting in the car for someone while they are inside. You look around, nobody seems to be paying any attention to you, so you hit the horn to give your friend a hurry-up. This doesn’t work the first time so you give it another try, much to the annoyance of anyone within earshot of the high-pitched-cacophony. Still nothing, so you just sit there leaning on the horn until your mission is accomplished.

The Airedale Terrier is a clever breed of dog, and can be pretty crafty at figuring things out. These dogs were first bred in the valley (dale) near the river Aire, hence the name Airedale, in West Riding, Yorkshire, England, and were bred as an all-round working dog. This breed, sometimes called the “King of Terriers” because of its statue, is the largest of the terrier breeds. They have been used for many purposes including farming, police duties and hunting. They were originally bred from the Old English Black and Tan Terrier, which is sadly now extinct, and the Bull Terrier, with a little of the Otterhound thrown in for good luck.

These dogs are highly intelligent, known as big brained they are also very independent, strong minded and passive. The word stubborn also comes to mind, and as the clip below will show you, they are also very impatient. When the owner of the two-terriers decided to go shopping, he made the decision to leave his much-loved-pooches in the car, this as it would turn out was a big mistake. The dogs are not in the mood for waiting for their person, so one of them jumps into the front seat and hits the horn.

Luckily for all of us, a young lady named Melissa was there and caught the riotous action on her mobile phone camera. This amazing scene took place in a shopping mall in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Melissa had just left a pizza shop when she heard the commotion coming from the centers car-park. She approached the car where the noise was emanating, only to find that it was not quite what she had expected. There sitting on the front seat was one of the terriers calmly holding down the horn of his persons car.

The dog had apparently given up on the idea of waiting and took matters into his own paws. As Melissa was filming a man approached her as if she were the one making all the noise. “It’s not me” she laughed as the ruckus continued, “It’s the dog”. It is unknown as to whether the owner of the two-impatient-pooches heard all the noise or not, but it sure does make for a funny clip. Click on the link below for a riotous laugh at this pair of ingenious-canines.