Irish Dancers Make The Judges Gasp With Their Modern Twist

Irish step-dancing stirs up the rhythm in all of us. Cap your hands and tap your toes to follow along with this incredible performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

The fancy footwork of this troupe seems impossible as they move so intricately in unison. Such energy! Such charm!

This video is the Innova Irish Dance Company as they demonstrate that Britain does indeed have talent. They flew through a classic medley of Irish tunes. Not everything was classic though. A slight pause in the music and they were at it again!

Watch their modern take on Irish step-dancing and see just why Simon Cowell, and the other judges were so impressed that one of them actually gasped out loud. What made the judge gasp? Watch this spectacular performance to see for yourself!

Here’s their first performance:

Dazzling, aren’t they?! Watch their 2nd performance below. The girls ruled the stage that night with their modern.