I’ve Heard Birds Say MANY Things Before. But THIS Talented Bird Takes The Cake.

While we adore our dogs, there is one animal that is quickly becoming one of the most popular pets to have. Do you know what animal we are talking about? Birds! Birds are rapidly rising in rank of the most favorite pets and this video will give you an idea as too why they are rising in popularity so incredibly fast.

Birds are great pets to have. There is a wide variety of birds you can choose from to have as pets but we would say that parrots are by far the most popular. Parrots are the most popular simply because they communicate the most. They are very intelligent animals and they love to talk, chat, sing and mimic all sorts of different sounds. It is not uncommon to hear a parrot repeat back an entire conversation they heard days ago.

Well in this featured video you will meet a little bird named Harvey. Harvey is a very special bird for multiple reasons but one being that he loves to mimic sounds which is how he discovered his love for beat boxing.

Yes that is right, this little bird loves to beat box all over the house all day long. He actually is really good at it. Just watch the featured video below and see for yourself just how talented little Harvey is.

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