I’ve Heard Many Versions’ O Holy Night’ – But I Haven’t Felt Touched Like This In Years

‘O Holy Night’ by Matt Nickle MusicMatt Nickle Music presents a majestic acapella arrangement of ‘O Holy Night’ by no less than five vocal greats, rewarding with emotion and power in every word. The timeless message of hope continues to inspire, especially when you’ve got pure renditions like this masterpiece available.

In a humble but hallowed performance, Junior Maile, Liahona Seumanu, Moananui Haretuku, Leland Lealaitafea, and Matt Nickle come together with unbelievable harmony. With a simple set, classic tones, and flawless harmonics and subharmonics, they sing a song that paves the way for a perfect Christmas.

Get yourself into the mood for a holy, happy Christmas by bolstering your collection of Christmas tracks with this fine acapella from Matt Nickle Music. Five voices come together in unison, delivering harmony that not only matches the purity of this song’s feeling & flow, but also its divine meaning.

I\'ve Heard Many Versions\' O Holy Night\' - But I Haven\'t Felt Touched Like This In Years