Jaguar pounces at a tiny dog, moments later the outcome left everyone in awe

Seeing a jaguar pouncing in the direction of a Jack Russel terrier at the Akwaaba Lodge animal park in South Africa, you’d think the dog was about to become the big cat’s lunch. But not to worry: the two are just playing. Unlikely though it might seem, Bullet the Jack Russel terrier and Jag the jaguar are best friends. We’ve posted a video below of this adorable dog and his friend the gorgeous jaguar.

Jag was still young when he arrived at Akwaaba Lodge and he needed companionship. Leila, the park’s owner, knew who would be perfect for the job. “Every night he needed comfort and he took me as a mum. As I could not let him sleep with me all the time, I put the dog with him. These two struck it off straight away. They don’t leave each other. They feed together, sleep together, do everything together. 24 hours a day. They haven’t been separated at all. They are like brothers.”

As Jag grew up and got bigger, the time came when he needed to be put in his own enclosure. It might seem this would have brought an end to his unusual friendship with Bullet. As Leila recalled, “We separated the two of them and it was a disaster. The jag carried on crying for 24 hours and the dog sat at the gate without moving.” So the dog was given access to the jaguar’s enclosure and their wonderful, if unusual, friendship continued. “The dog’s the dominant one. The jaguar obviously has more power; if he’s hurting him or anything, the dog will growl or bark and the jaguar knows when to stop.”

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