Jimmy asks Kevin Spacey to impersonate famous people and he winds up stealing the show!

There are very few actors that are so versatile, they can pretty much do it all. One of my favorite actors is Jim Carrey. Why? Is he in this category? Well, we know he can do comedy very well, but he can also pull off other genres like drama better than many people. Jim got his start a long time ago while doing standup acts since the 70s.

He became a household name at standup bars because of his quick wit and ability to improvise on the spot. He also became very famous then for his impersonations. People would say, “I don’t know man, Jim has one of those faces that can get away with almost anything and anyone’s impersonation. People started making long lines to watch him.

There was one show that made way for him to appear on the big screen. It was a show that was televised and would show just how versatile of a comedian Jim was. Jim had his usual routine which included mainly a monologue with some politically incorrect jokes here and there, and a few impersonations too. That evening, he would do one of his impersonations that would become a staple in his repertoire.

He was doing other very funny ones when he decided to do Clint Eastwood’s. As soon as he announced it, it was like his whole face transformed and morphed into a Carey-version of the famous actor. He had the grin, the forehead and the speech of the famous actor. The minute he started speaking in the actor’s voice, everybody was blown away!

He started getting proposals until he made the one movie that would launch his career big time, “The Mask.” This movie was one of those that if you put the wrong actor there, it ends up being a disaster. Jim was starring in the movie, so this was also a substantial risk for the producers as well. Jim absolutely nailed it and won several prizes and recognition along the way.

Another popular comedian that has risen in the ranks of funnymen is Jimmy Fallon. He has proven his worth in many hilarious movies and is even doing more so, in his show. His show is full of unexpected but funny surprises and features many guest stars than display they versatile entertaining capabilities. One of these actors is Kevin Spacey. He is famous for his great acting displays in movies, but no one knew he could also do comedy until he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show and nailed it big time. Check it out!