Joan Rivers Does Routine About Her Dating Life. She Had Me Rolling On The Floor By The End.

When it came to comediennes, Joan Rivers was a pioneer. She was one of the first female stand-up comics back in the 1960’s and she used her razor-sharp wit to skewer a lot of conventions of the times. At first, she used clean language, but like many of her male counterparts, she started pushing the envelope more and more. She eventually became a staple on “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” and was a star for many years. This early clip shows exactly why she was so beloved.

We see Rivers on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. Fortunately, this one lasts for over two minutes and isn’t one of those :30 clips that don’t allow you to get the entire gist of what they were saying or singing. Here she was lamenting the state of dating, where unmarried women over 21 were considered spinsters. What a change from today, where many women consider 21 to be the start of life.

The funny thing was that Rivers was talking about unfair scrutiny of women in this clip and then later on in her life, she was very hard on celebrities and their appearance on the red carpet. Yes, she always did continue to make fun of herself throughout her life, but it did seem a little hypocritical for her to judge others. Oh well, no one is perfect, right? She made us laugh all the way to the end.

It truly was a sad day when Rivers died from a rather routine operation. What made it worse was that her death could have been prevented, but the doctors who did the surgery committed the worst malpractice… and they practically admitted it by settling with Reivers’ family rather than contest it in court. She is still missed today, that’s for sure. Well, we can remember her in this clip.

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