The Judges Lost Their Minds When This Dog Did THIS On Stage! You Won’t Believe It! WHOA!

This dog in the video is named Lady Xena and she participated in Belgium’s Got Talent with this special skill of hers. Whenever Xena hears Whitney Houston’s hit “I Will Always Love You,” she can’t help but sing along herself! She impressed the entire crowd with her rendition of the song.

Her owners, Mick and Daphnée, got her when she was twelve weeks old. One day they went to a café and this song started to play and she started to sing and howl! The owners thought it was really weird. It seems she feels the music. So they started to work with her on performing because she seemed to enjoy singing so much, especially to this song.

This performance really entertained the audience, and it succeeded in making me laugh too! This couple realized they had a very talented dog and thought being on the show would be a great way to showcase her talent and show the world what she can do. And, well, it’s probably a lot of fun for them and Xena.

You won’t believe how she can follow the music and the words. Some dogs really have a talent for making sounds that sound almost like words, and Xena can definitely do that. If you’re looking for some entertainment today, you have found it in this video.

Watch Xena’s performance in the video below! What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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