Just Moments After Hitting Record, He Captures THIS Insane Frenzy Happening At His Bird Feeder! OMG!

Whoever decided to put out a hummingbird feeder and a high-quality camera, bravo – thank you for this beautiful video.

Watch as two hummingbirds peacefully sip on some sugar, only to be joined by a third… then a fourth. The buzzing of rapidly flapping wings gets louder and louder by the second. By the end of it you won’t believe your eyes!

Hummingbirds are one of those mysterious creatures of nature. Almost everybody knows what they are but few people have really seen one up close, in person. Fewer still have seen them sitting still but one of the few times they take a break from buzzing around is when there is some sugar about.

The video starts out slow and simple – just two pretty little hummingbirds enjoying a snack. Once a third arrives, they get a bit more excited; then a fourth creates an even bigger buzz.

Just seconds later what was once a serene scene has now become a downright frenzy with hummingbirds flying every which way. There must be at least 15 of them – probably the most ever captured this close on camera at one time.

According to the Scott Moore, the man who brought us this marvelous footage, the hummingbirds consume pounds and pounds of sugar a week. The tiny birds need plenty of sugar to keep up all that wing-flapping at roughly 70 times per second. That must be exhausting!

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