The Kalia Family Found Their Backs Against the Wall. Pleading to their Son to Save Their Business!

There tends to be more cases where the adults aid their offspring than the reverse. With every problem, there comes a solution. One you may not agree with, but you just must buckle down and hope that someone knows. That they have some idea. That not everyone is completely clueless when it comes to aiding you as you wave your white flag of defeat.

The unlikely story of young Akash Kalia, twenty-one, dropping out of the University of Oregon. After a desperate call from his loving parents, Akash packed up his things and went to them. The couple was losing their motel business, The Santa Ros. The unlikely attempt to save the family business proved fruitful beyond their wildest imaginations. How did this young savant pull off such an immense feat?

At age seventeen, Kalia had brain surgery. The usually crushing idea of it alone would send most to a reserved and complacent state of mind. Kalia is just different, as the birth defect was removed from the teens brain, he said he felt a greater appreciation for life. The struggle taught him not to take life for granted. Wow, what an unfettering spirit!

This very ideal is what propelled him into adulthood. As he conquered whatever he set his eyes on.
After a paintball injury to his eye, the resulting settlement money allowed Kalia to purchase the dying motel from his parents. The 104-room facility on the massive piece of land was converted thanks to the business minded Kalia. The Palms Inn would change from just a motel to a place of rest and recovery. He turned it into housing for many vets as well as chronically homeless people.

The way it broke down, was residents would pay 30% of income in rent. With access to a soon to be active gardening space, the facility focuses on support those during a hard time in their lives. Each room comes with beds and blankets, a refrigerator, washer and dryer. With each room being given such a large amount of freedom to making the space their own. This highly vulnerable position was rendered void, as over a hundred people didn’t have to worry about where they were going to be sleeping that night. It aided in transitioning members back to society.

The facility does so much more! Why not share this with someone and start a conversation? How could we all make such a large impact like Kalia?

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