11-Year-Old Irish Songstress Delivers a Stunning ‘Hallelujah’, But When Pentatonix Joins In… Am I Dreaming??

Girl with MicrophoneTalent seems to come in a variety of exciting shapes and sizes these days. Just take a look at this amazing 11-year-old autistic songstress, Kaylee. Not only can she hold her notes, but she was also able to stand her own while performing alongside internationally acclaimed performers, Pentatonix.

The host, Steve Harvey, the audience, and fellow performers alike were left speechless and covered in goosebumps after Kaylee recently performed the Pentatonix rendition of the Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ alongside the group. Even some of the most seasoned singers have found it difficult to perform this complicated song.

Pentatonix SinginPentatonix is one of the most popular five-member American a cappella groups in the world. The group has been awarded three Grammies and has sold millions of albums worldwide. The audience thus went wild as the group showed their support by joining Kaylee’s performance.

The video of their performance has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of Youtubers. In fact, experts are saying this video has gained more spotlight than any other cover version of the song.

This was an unimaginable experience for the young singer. It is amazing to think of how she will inspire autistic kids around the world for a long time to come, to be confident in their talents, and strong enough to share these talents with the world. After all, why shouldn’t they reach for the stars and become all that they can be?


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11-Year-Old Irish Songstress Delivers a Stunning ‘Hallelujah’, But When Pentatonix Joins In... Am I Dreaming??