Kid buys painting for $2, shocked after learning what it’s really worth

Investments, ah…..a word that we all use from time-to-time. It’s a word that can be preceded by other words like, good, bad, best, worst, or the one that I have used several times….lame. But how do we know a good investment when we see one? We can always go to a financial expert who can give us the rundown on what the best investments at the time are, but I sometimes don’t trust these guys completely. I mean if the investment is that good, why are they telling me and not going for it themselves?

Stocks and shares are a good investment, we all know that, but you have to play the market right. I have had some success on the stock market, but I have also had some shocking failures as well. What other investments are there? I guess real-estate is a good investment as long as you have a substantial amount of money behind you. What about collectables? Art works and precious stones, antiques and rarities? There are literally thousands of choices for you to invest you money into, at you own risk of course.

I don’t think that any investment is fool-proof, let’s face it, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. There have been many people out there that have been conned out of their hard earned savings by unscrupulous people out to make a quick buck, so we have to be very particular in what we invest our money, something that’s not easy to come by, on.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you can start investing at any age. In the video below we meet a young boy who is an avid collector of anything he can get his hands on. Accompanied by his father, he is quite often seen at auctions around his home area bidding for bits and pieces he thinks might be worth something in the future. At one such auction, this eager-entrepreneur bought a painting for a mere two dollars. He was wrapped thinking it may be worth ten-times-that.

The popular television program “Antiques Roadshow” was visiting this young lad’s area, so he decided to take the painting into the show to see what it was worth. The show’s host, David Weiss, was very impressed with the painting and proceeded to explain just what the young lad had in his possession.
“I thought it was a watercolor” he explains to David, “ but we couldn’t tell because of the UV glass” David then explains that it is indeed a watercolor from a well-known Dutch artist named Albert Neuhuys, and was probably painted in the late 19th century. With this, you could see the young boy’s eyes grow wider as he realizes that the painting may be worth a lot more than he thinks.

Click on the link below, and be just as surprised as this budding-art-dealer was as the true value of the piece is revealed.