Kid Rock Joins Kenny Chesney For Surprise Detroit Performance Of ‘Cowboy’. AMAZING!

Kenny Chesney likes to keep things interesting. On his tour last year he surprised his audience with a number of shocking celebrity guests, including Van Halen rockstar Sammy Hagar.

When he was in Detroit for an August show, he had another trick up his sleeve. Fans were stunned and delighted when he brought Detroit native musician Kid Rock on stage to join in the performance.

He introduced Kid Rock as “One of my dearest friends in the world. He is my brother in music and life. He is from Detroit, Michigan.” Once the crowd heard he was from their hometown, they went wild!

“Please welcome Kid Rock!”

The audience roared as Kid Rock walked on stage. The two began singing Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” together. The sound of the audience singing along–or maybe shouting along–is clearly audible in the background. They sure love a hometown boy!

Check out this awesome duo with Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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