When kidnapper abducts little boy, the kid does something that makes the abductor set him free

God truly works in mysterious ways. It was a very long time ago that I heard this for the very first time, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what it meant. Actually, there was a lot of Scripture that I could not understand at the time, and I turned to my parents and pastor for guidance. The pastor would tell me that it was a question of faith. If you have faith in God, He finds a way of making everything right.

There were many cases in my life where I learned what faith really was. Most of them came when I was already an adult. I remember praying to God when I was little that I wanted to experience faith in Him, and pretty much everything that had to do with Him. I could feel He was telling me to wait, that everything would arrive in its due time.

The very first time I experienced something that I could say was God, was when I was walking on the street one day. The street was not that crowded but there was something in the air. You know, that feeling you get when you feel something is about to go down? I had that feeling that day. Sure enough, it did. About 10 feet from where I was walking, two guys start beating this guy up. I remember just saying: “Hey, leave him alone.” They just looked at me and left running.

There were other instances where I had lost my job and I literally didn’t know what I would eat on that day, and somehow food would be on the table. Sometimes it would be someone dropping off some food, or I would get a small job that I would complete in a couple of hours and get paid, but I always ended up providing for the family.

There have been other cases that I have heard of that have been much more dramatic. I remember this one case where there was a horrific plane crash. It was around the 80s and covered by a few news programs. The pilot of the plane had somehow lost control of the plane and had to do an emergency landing. The plane was traveling very fast at the moment of landing and it all had a tragic ending. When the police and firemen got to the scene, they found a passenger sitting on top of one of the wings. He was the only survivor. Apparently, when the plane was plummeting down, he started praying and managed to save his life.

The next video shows a case that is nothing short of extraordinary. It features a little boy who was born to atheist parents. He was raised by his grandmother who was an avid church-goer. She taught him about the love of God, and the boy learned many different lessons from his pastor that would help him when he would need them the most. Watch the incredible story of what happens when the little boy gets kidnapped and how God helps him.