Is There Anything Cuter Than A Sleepy Kitten Cuddling With A Dog? MY HEART IS MELTING!

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that warm your heart. A kind gesture, a smile, things like that, and they don’t have to come from humans, they can come from our animal friends. Take a look at this remarkable video and feel the warmth inside!

The tiny kitten named Squirt is absolutely adorable as he tries to get into the arms of Louie, the big and loving Dalmatian. At first he struggles, but finally Squirt manages to get cozy and just as he does Louie decides to get in on the snuggle and lays his big ear on top of Squirt very much like a blanket!

The two snuggling up like that is such a nice image, you feel happy. The two look at such peace you want to snuggle with them! Who do you want to snuggle with? Let us know below!

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