Kitten And Mommy Cat Are Hanging Out Together. I Was Smitten With His Tiny Sneezes!

It never gets old seeing a puppy or kitten roaming around. Seeing these animals that only recently came into the world is just something that brings our own youth back… or accentuates it if you’re already a child or a teenager. There’s an air of innocence as they roam around. This is why videos of them are so popular… and this one is no exception. Take a look at this and you’ll understand

We see a kitten in a little bassinet. He’s one of those with the pushed-in faces. His mommy is doting on him, licking him a few times. As the video title says… he sneezes. Then he wanders around the bassinet even more and gets licked by mommy. There’s another sneeze. While it’s not the most action-packed video ever uploaded, it’s still a lot of fun watching this little furball wander around.

To be honest, when I first hit “Play” on this video, I was anticipating something like that cute baby panda video where it sneezed so loudly that it scared the stuffing out of its mommy. These are demurer sneezes and could even be missed if one wasn’t paying that close attention. It’s a good thing that this kitten is so cute that it’s impossible to not take one’s eyes off of him. So fluffy.

Of course, a sneeze could be a sign of respiratory distress in cats, but in this case it seems to be right after his mommy licked his face so he probably got a hair tickling him. So, we can feel free to ooh and ahh here without guilt. I just love looking at that little fluffy smooshed-in face. The video is now several years old, so he may even be a father to kittens of his own who might be enchanting us with their sneezes.

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