“This Little Kitty Was Minding His Own Business. Then His Sister Does THIS! LOL!”

There are many different types of car racing out there, but what about kitty cat racing? Turns out this form of racing is just as entertaining a sport to watch as proven here.

This videos seems to begin harmless enough with a little kitten just lying there on their stomach licking their paws. Then one of their siblings shows up to start playing with them. Before long the two are running back and forth from one room to the other. The mother kitty sits there observing her little ones running back and forth. Before long she seems to think this looks like fun and starts to join in with the fun.

This video is only enhanced by the sound of a car race, which only adds to the entertaining factor. As for the winner, well it does seem that the mother kitty does have the advantage here. Big surprise though since she is bigger then her kittens, so maybe this wasn’t really a fair race. Oh well, they all seem to have a good time so perhaps that was the main thing. https://youtu.be/6OFRWtBFonY So, watch this cute kitty cat race and let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below.