These Kittens Were Being Bottle Fed. But When I Saw What The One On The Left Did, I LOST It!

Although I call myself a dog person, I must admit that cats can be ridiculously cute sometimes. The three little kitten triplets in this video are big fans of bottle time. It is really adorable how they are latching onto their bottles. Rocky, Sweet Pea, and Johnny have already started eating with the older cats, but these kittens still love their bottles.

When I saw how their little paws held onto the slightly larger bottles, my heart melted. The kitten on the far left starts losing his grip on his bottle at some point, so when his mommy tries to adjust it for him, he looks at her and reaches for the bottle as if to say “mine, mine, mine”! These tiny kittens are really adorable!

No words to describe their cuteness! Watch them below and let us know what you thought of this video in your comments! We’d love to hear you!


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