“When This Kitty Is Playing With Their Owners Foot, What Happens Next Hilarious, LOL!”

Yes, even cute little kitty cats can be harsh critics. This adorable kitty featured here is no exception. The kitty is playing with its owner foot having a good time then get a whiff of something not too pleasant and well the reaction is priceless.

This kitty obviously doesn’t know that a bare foot can experience foot odor. But they are about to find this out the hard way. While their owner laid in bed, the little kitty decided to start to play with their bare foot. At first the kitty seems to be having a good time, but suddenly the kitty cat smells something less then pleasant which of course if actually foot odor.

The look on the kitty’s face along along with the fact that the kitty starts to squirm around as if trying to brush off the bad odor is hilarious to watch. So, this kitty learn the hard way that yes a bare foot can have foot odor. https://youtu.be/yNb_h6rwPIk Don’t know if the lesson will stick or not, but for now the kitty knows this valuable information. So, watch this kitty make a smelly discovery, then let us know your thoughts by commenting below.