This Lady Is Told Her Car Is Going To Be Towed. She Resorts To Extreme Measures

When you get to your parking space and your car is gone, your first thought is usually that your car has been stolen. Your next thought is probably, “Great, now how am I going to get home?” The other possibility is that your car was towed. That’s better than having it stolen, but it’s still no fun. You’re going to have to find out where it was hauled to, pay the towing company an extortionate fee, and there’s surely going to be a parking ticket, too.

If instead of an empty parking spot, you come back to a tow truck driver securing your car to his truck, you most likely accept defeat. Maybe you ask if he could let your car go but you know he won’t. “Sorry, once it’s hitched up, it’s going to the lot.” A few people might consider trying to bribe him. But that’s risky. He might take the money, laugh at you, and haul your car off anyway.

Shanghai is a massive city, the largest in China and among the biggest in the world. It’s always had a lot of people, but today there are also a ton of cars. When one Shanghai woman came back to her parking spot to find her car about to be towed, she didn’t choose to meekly accept her fate. Arguing with the tow truck driver didn’t accomplish anything. “You can’t take my car!” only elicited “Nothing you can do about it, lady.” That wasn’t the answer she wanted, so she climbed into the driver’s seat, probably treated the tow truck guy to some choice words, and started the engine. Her vehicle was hitched up to the truck by its rear wheels, but through the miracle of four-wheel drive, she got the front wheels moving. And so off she went, towing the tow truck while bystanders laughed at the spectacle.

We don’t recommend doing this yourself if you find your car about to be towed. Instead, enjoy the video and let us know how you liked it in the Facebook comments. Be sure to like and share, too!