Lana Turner’s Multimillion-Dollar Look Explained By Hollywood Designer

The clip seen here was never intended for public viewing. One of the world’s foremost fashion designers gives critique and insight into the wardrobe of the timeless Lana Turner.

Edith Head, the renowned Oscar-winning costume designer for the stars, takes us through a look at costume tests for Lana Turner and Stefanie Powers. The footage shows their outfits from the film ‘Love Has Many Faces.’

During Lana Turner’s prime, her wardrobe looked like it cost a million dollars. No matter what it cost, her looks were the most glamorous in all of Hollywood, creating a lasting impact on style.

You’re given an intimate look at Lana and her costars, with all the sense behind color choices, flamboyancy, and format choice explained in full detail. What a flashback to one of the most magnificent times in fashion and movie history.

Lana Turner\'s Multimillion-Dollar Look Explained By Hollywood Designer