Large Orchestra Plays Lovely Version of “Unchained Melody”

Beautiful music can bring a smile to our faces or move us to tears. Songs like “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers, have the power to do both. While the song rose to fame after being featured in the movie, “Ghost,” a talented orchestra performed it for all to hear.

In Bremen, Germany, a variety of orchestras came together to give one jaw-dropping performance on the classic song. Each individual group got their moment in the limelight, and it couldn’t have come out better.

For starters, each member is dressed in their countries appropriate uniforms. It begins with a solo trumpet, and the musicians slowly start to join in. There’s no denying the military members can be serious, and some let that show through their musical abilities as well.

The mix of horns, percussion, strings, and more make for one spine-tingling cover. A multicultural event like this doesn’t come often, so it’s something worth paying attention to when it does. Special thanks to these gifted men and women for serving their countries and giving us a special musical treat.