Lawmakers Ban Dogs From Sticking Heads Out Car Windows. Are They Barking Up Wrong Tree?

There are things that drivers do that can bring the long arm of the law after them. The problem is that it’s very hard to enforce and often winds up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of the infractions include driving without a seatbelt, talking on a cellphone while driving, speeding, and having broken taillights. There’s a new one out there and it’s made a lot of drivers very angry.

Supposedly a law had been passed that made it illegal to allow your dog to stick his or her head out the window while driving. There were stiff penalties that were supposed to deter anyone from even thinking about doing it. The end of the video tips it off that it’s an April Fool’s joke. There’s a picture of a winking dog. Also, the March 31 upload date should have been a sure sign that Animal Planet was intent on yanking our chains.

Some of the things that should have also tipped you off that it was a joke – the obvious stock photo footage. The language in the text boxes was also really formal… and the idea that the police would take your dog from the car and drive him or her back home with the windows down doesn’t make much sense. The part about the $700 in fines was there to make it seem legit.

With a lot of jokes like these, there is a kernel of truth. While it can be quite dangerous to have dogs stick their head out the window… I wouldn’t want my dog doing it while we’re going, say, 70 on a highway, it would be different going down local streets at a much lower rate of speed. There’s something cute about seeing these pooches riding along, the wind blowing on their faces. I hope that never gets outlawed.

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