Learn how to fold a cloth napkin into a rose in just 72 seconds

What can you do in just 72-seconds that your friends can’t? It’s a hard question that I can’t find an answer too. So maybe it’s time to find a little party trick that will impress your friends and leave them feeling envious, all in fun of course. I live in a tourist destination, so I have a lot of friends in the hospitality game. Where I am located there are literally hundreds of restaurants and little eating houses all around. Each one a little different from the others, yet they are all strangely the same.

Because of this the staff at these places like to come up with little gimmicks to impress their clientele and have them wanting to come back to their restaurant again and again. One lady I know, who is the maître de of a quite well known restaurant on the foreshore has a little trick that she loves to show her guests when she gets a chance. You see, she can make a straw into a shrimp. It is amazing to watch, all she has is a pair of little scissors that she always caries with her. It just take a few carefully planned folds on the straw, a few little nicks here and there with the scissors a few more delicate folds and twists, and Hey Presto……a little plastic shrimp.

She can also turn tissue serviettes into a rose, again utilizing a few folds twists and turns in her magical hands. These little tricks go down so well with any children who visit her place, and they all walk out the door carrying their own specially made paper rose. Public relations is one of the most important factors in running any business, but more so when it come to the hospitality industry. I used to own a little bar come restaurant myself, so I know just how competitive this industry can be. I was lucky, my bar was a sports bar, the only one for a few blocks, so I had a steady flow of regulars, tourists and locals alike.

We all need a point of difference, mine was that I was a bar that showed whatever sport you wanted to watch, didn’t matter how difficult the request, we would always find a way of getting it for you. My wife and I would deliberately make a point of talking to all of our customers, make them feel that they are a very special person to us, which of course they all were. We eventually sold our little bar, but we made hundreds of life-long fiends through our six years in the business.

How many times have you decided to spoil yourself and your partner and just check into a hotel on the spur-of-the-moment? It’s such fun. You go up to the receptionist to book your room, all the time feeling just a little guilty. Then you are escorted to your room by the eager young man who is just waiting to be tipped for his impeccable service. You enter your room, and there sitting on the bed is a towel folded into the shape of a swan, surrounded by fresh rose petals and a note welcoming you to the hotel for you well deserved break. Have you ever wondered how they fold those towels into such delicate works of art? Well click on the link below to start on your journey of learning, and see how you can fold a napkin into a beautiful rose flower in just 72-amazing-seconds. After this, you can impress all your friends with you newly acquired skills.