“Mother Leaves Kid in Hot Car. What Happens Is NOT Surprising — But Disturbing!”

This is an epidemic that needs to end because we as people can prevent it. Every summer kids die as a result of being left in a hot car as their parent goes off to run errands leaving them locked up n the car.

As illustrated in this disturbing video this isn’t a wise thing to do, we have heard all the news stories, yet this continues to happen. See what happens to this mother who thought it wasn’t a bad idea to leave her son locked in a car in the heat of the summer.

This video appropriately called One Decision, shows in brutal detail how unwise it is to leave a child in a lock car as you walk away.

The mother featured in this video was only going into the store and didn’t intend to be gone too long. Famous last words, turns out she got tied up in the store, and all the while her child sat in the hot car with no air circulating waiting for her to come back.

When the mother comes back it’s to a situation she wasn’t counting on, but is sobering to watch. This video shouldn’t just be online, it should be on television as a Public Service Announcement.

There have had just as many incidents of children and even pets being left in hot cars in the heat of the summer. Parents need to be more responsible in keeping track of where their kids and even pets are in the heat of the summer.

Also, never think that it’s a good idea to leave them in a car for any length of time, no matter how short we may think it would be. https://youtu.be/XNDWN8KDVSM So, watch this video for yourself, and then let us know how you feel on this subject.