Caique Parrot Loves to Hop, Whistle, and Play – with His Paper Towel

The internet is filled with some sidesplitting pet videos. They really know how to crack us up, don’t they? Cats and dogs are usually on the top of the list, but birds are not far behind. The video given below features an adorable parrot that is going to leave you in stitches with his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

This tiny little thing is a two-year-old caique named Little Bird. According to his owner’s YouTube description, Little Bird loves to whistle, hop, and play. And it looks like he is in love with paper towels. Wait till you see what he does when he notices one on the floor — his reaction is priceless.


I really haven’t seen a bird as happy as him in my life. Not only is Little Bird beautiful, but he is also very amusing with this paper towel. I think because it is lightweight, he can carry it around like a blanket. He hops up and down and then bobs up and down out of sheer delight at having a paper towel. It’s too funny.

But wait until you see what he does next. He can actually wrap himself up in the paper towel like it’s a blanket, and he rolls over on his back to cover himself with it. I’m sure if it was something heavier he couldn’t do that. What a clever boy, indeed.

Caique Parrot Loves to Hop, Whistle, and Play – with His Paper Towel