She Let Her Dogs Play In The Doggy Pool. Now Watch What The Black Lab Does…

It’s true that almost every kind of dog has a natural ability to swim, at least with the classic doggy paddle style, but the dogs in the video below have a new and extremely funny way to move while they’re splashing about in the pool. You’ll fall in love with them when you see their cute faces!

In the clip, you can see that a dog mother took her pups in a special-made doggy pool, and in the recording you can see how the dogs are loving the water and the sunny day. She expected them to love the water, since they’re Labradors, after all; but she never saw coming what these dogs did! You can see that they didn’t even need to swim at all.

Their human Mom almost teared up from laughter as she saw the dogs doing this. A black Labrador, the second one the get into the pool, jumps right in and starts paddling as he naturally does because of his love of water, but he quickly realized that the paddling wasn’t necessary. He could stand on his hind legs and walk just fine!

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