Lethargic Dog Was Hanging Out On The Sofa. Now Look When Mama Says “Hello” To Him…

Dogs tend to have a personality on them. Regardless of what breed or age, every one of them seem to have habits that linger around one of the two opposing extremes. On one day, we may feel “tired” or “lazy,” because we all feel a bit lethargic some days. On other days, we may find ourselves “energetic” or “productive.” It happens to all of us and some days. Yet, when our beloved fur babies do it- way funnier. This lovely compilation of heartwarmingly cute moments really brings it all home.

Shiba Inu’s has a very distinct personality that is hard to describe. They just seem a bit angrier that you aren’t listening to their wisdom. Bulldogs on the other hand used to be known for how ferocious they were. Whether protecting mom or dad or any other reason for their attack, I can assure you with one funny Bulldog, that train of that thought should be over.

A variety of moments compiled together to paint the picture of a few “easily frightened” or “heavily sarcastic” pooches and pups. In some moments, downright adorable and cowardly. From being quite the talker, with such a raspy “rawrawraw” to running at the slightest hint of danger. It seems there are many ways to go about it when you’ve got that amazing personality. One that not only goes the distance but also makes you think, “what a charming dog.” Just too adorably huggable, I want to find these hilariously humorous hounds.

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