He Lets A Homeless Dog Get Into His Car, But Pay Attention To That Poodle’s Fur

Hope For Paws has been in the forefront when it comes rescuing helpless animals from the streets, and this next clip shows yet another successful rescue by this organization. I cannot thank them enough for all they do, and I think there are a lot of grateful animals out there as well. This organization is truly amazing. This video shares one of their latest rescues. Wait till you see how they rescued this adorable poodle off the streets of Los Angeles. You won’t even recognize this poodle as the same dog they rescued at the end of video.

They had been informed that the dog was in a very devastating condition, but they had no idea how bad the situation was. When they finally found her, they couldn’t even discern if she was a male or a female since her fur was really long and matted. Poodles need regular grooming to maintain their coat and if that doesn’t happen, significant problems can arise, as they had with this poor poodle. The poor dog was terrified of them and they had a hard time approaching her. But when you see them gain her trust and take her off to safety, you will be in tears for sure. It was her lucky day when Hope For Paws found her.

Dolly’s transformation is simply stunning. She looks like a totally different dog, doesn’t she? Let us know your thoughts about this rescue through your comments! We’d love to hear from you and please share this wonderful rescue story on Facebook

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