After A Lifetime Of Miserable Unhappiness, This Dog Briefly You A Moment Of Compassion!

The dog in this video has had a particularly rough life. He was born into the unforgiving streets of Singapore and he never had a family or a place to call home. When Save Our Street Dogs, a Singaporean not-for-profit rescue organization, learned about this dog they were able to guide his life to a better outcome.

Ol Boy was near death when the rescue of from Save Our Street Dogs came across him. They believed that the rescue of this dog would be routine, but there are a number of serious complications that let the dog to end up in a critical condition.

Having finally known the love and support that comes from a family, Ol Boy’s injuries were too far gone in order to save the dog. No one expected the dogs health to deteriorate so quickly, but many suggested that it was dogs time to go.

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