A Little Boy Asks Marine If He Is Santa. But Wait Till You See What This Marine Does Next! Aww!

The US Marine Corps have risked their lives for us since 1775. They have always been a symbol of pride for our nation and we look upon them with the utmost respect. In their line of work, it is a must to have a tough exterior, but these amazing men and women also have a soft spot when it comes to children. We have seen a lot of videos showing this. Take for example, the one given below.

This clip was made for a program called Toys for Tots which was established in 1947. When Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, started giving toys to the less privileged kids of his community, he initiated a culture which spread all across the country in the next few years. This program became bigger over the years and many more donated.

This is an ad campaign to bring awareness to the Toys for Tots program in order to boost donations so they can provide toys for the under privileged children during the holidays. This program has seen a lot of success, and this ad hopes to continue that.

It’s a moving advertisement with a bit of unpredictability. It might just bring to tears watching this important message. This little boy and this marine are the perfect choice for this advertisement, and they really make you think about what’s important during the holiday season.

Watch this touching clip below! The marines are inspiring, aren’t they? Let us know what you thought about this clip in the comments!

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