The Little Cat Was Wandering Around The Christmas Tree, But What Happened Next Is Hilarious

In this next clip, there are two cats watching a strange looking object on the floor. This strange object is actually a miniature singing Christmas tree, but obviously one of these kitties has never seen one before. This curious kitty just can’t stop herself from investigating whatever this thing is that wasn’t in the floor last night. She wanted to know more about the Christmas tree, and her curiosity certainly ends up giving her a fright. The cat was curious, proving the true nature of cats, and kept wandering around, it almost touching the tree, but not quite.  She had no idea what it was, but was determined to find out.

After some time, something happened that gave this furry feline quite a fright. The girl recording the video even says she doesn’t want to stop recording because she thinks the cat will “set it off.” This gives you some clue to what might happen. Well, she was right, and the cat’s reaction is pretty funny. Even the second cat in the video, who didn’t seem curious at all, runs away!  You will love to watch what happened when this kitty went near the Christmas tree. This funny video will surely make your day. But rest assured, neither of the cats were hurt by this.

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